“Keeping it real!”


Whatever I do, I wanna do it in an authentic way. Because I can spot fake from far away. And since everyone tries to hide their dirty dishes to put on a clean face, my desire is to create music that encourages people to be real, real to themselves, their families, others and God. Because our life is too short to pretend.

The music I sing and create is inspired by the freedom of Jazz, the melodic natures of Popballads, the drama of  classical instrumental music and the message of the gospel.

And when I write music I have women and mothers in mind. To encourage them to not get stuck in their own expectation what they should be or do but to find the joys in their lives. And to become true to who they are.

I am living and working in Hamburg, together with my husband BJ and my crazy and beautiful 3 girls, including a big extended family on the property.

The project I am currently involved in are:

SySanLi- Gospel Pop Trio: What happens when a Jazz singer from Hessen meets North American soul crooner and Brazilian Bossa-Nova diva? A rich, Gospel- Pop vocal trio is born! SySanLi is a colorful bouquet of 3 unique voices, nationalities and temperaments, which produces an unforgettable listening experience that warms the soul.


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